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Working in an authorised Volvo workshop has changed a lot since the days when the spanner and the screwdriver were the main repair tools.

Today we focus on caring for the car owner as much as the car. To service modern Volvo cars, our technicians use the very latest in computer technology. In fact, since many of your car's systems are dependent of software, you'll probably hear technicians discussing the latest software upgrade rather than mechanical issues.

When you enter the Authorised Volvo Dealership in Kenny Galway chances are the first thing you'll notice is the clean and tidy environment.

We believe that the working environment is very important for those dealing with premium service. And when the workshops are light and clean and airy, when the tool storage system is well planned and when the right equipment is always handy then it's easier to do the job well. And the job's more enjoyable, too.

Servicing cars is just as much about caring for their owners. Which is why Authorised Volvo Dealers such as Kenny Galway closely monitor how the customers experience their visits in our facilities.

Up to August 2004 Volvo polled one million customers around the world to learn how they rated our sales service, workshops and dealer contacts. This has been a tremendous source of information, which we've used to improve service, develop service concepts and to fine tune our everyday work at Kenny Galway.

When turning to the Authorised Volvo Dealership at Kenny Galway you should expect only the best in customer treatment in order to make your Volvo ownership an enjoyable experience.

Volvo is a world leader when it comes to information systems that can help the technicians in the workshops do their job efficiently. Our main information system is called VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for After sales).

VIDA helps workshops repair and service Volvo vehicles, by providing service information, parts information, diagnostic fault tracing and software download – all integrated into one single application.

Once you've specified the vehicle you’re repairing, VIDA quickly finds the right information with the help of instructive navigation and a powerful search engine – anything from parts and service information to diagnostic routines and software downloads.

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